"Band Mentality"

I believe it is important for a child to be involved in an extra curricular activity. For reasons such as socializing, non familial role models, creative outlets, organizing, time managing, decision making and so much more. However there is another level of extra curricular that i believe provides a unique and second-to-none experience for children. Playing in a musical ensemble.

I feel the same way about joining a sports team, however not every child enjoys sports. If you are a parent who wants that team mentality for your child, who does not seem interested in competition or a particular sport then musical ensembles are where you should look.

Playing in a music group teaches so many important life skills. The idea of being a small but integral part of a large group is such a motivator to working hard and being proud of your work. When in a group setting like that, camaraderie and a “band mentality” is truly unavoidable. Imagine working on a group project, except every member of the group has chosen to be there and shares the same passion you have for the content. Band is where kids find their fit, it is where they learn how to work as a part of a group instead of an individual. It is where they learn to make mistakes and improve, where to make friends and goof off. If you think that joining a band is about learning an instrument, you are only half right.