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Junk Line performances

The Junk Line is a garbage can entertainment drumline. This group of skilled musicians entertain the crowd by playing difficult and upbeat rhythms on garbage cans. Past performances include sporting events, parades, street festivals, CRASH rhythm workshops and the 2015 PanAm games entertainment zone.

If you are looking for some fun entertainment at your event then email Hilary Whiskin at hilarywhiskin@crashrhythm.ca.




CRASH will come to your class, your company or your camp to run a 1 hour session of making music. These workshops are tailored to the group and can feature aspects such as music education, ensemble work, leadership opportunities, world drums or songwriting. Each session starts with a percussion performance by either the Junk Line (see above) or CRASH founder Hilary Whiskin. Past presentations have included special needs classrooms, retirement communities, summer camps and after school programs. Anything is possible and any group can be accommodated.

To learn more about workshop offering click the button below or email Hilary Whiskin at hilarywhiskin@crashrhythm.ca. 

Private Lessons

$45 / HOUR


Hilary Whiskin has been teaching percussion lessons for over 10 years. As a graduate in music and communication studies Hilary is well versed in all that is percussion and rhythm. She has taught drums as a member of the Burlington Teen Tour Band and as the music coordinator at the Port Nelson United Church Glee Camp. Students can learn snare drum, drumkit, music theory and composition techniques. All ages and all experiences are welcome!

To learn more email Hilary Whiskin at hilarywhiskin@crashrhythm.ca.


$300/2 hour party (15 kids)

+$10 per additional child

CRASH Rhythm's birthday party package is the full Rockstar experience! Perfect for ages 6-12, this package is for those kids who love music and want to experience it with their friends. Children are encouraged to attend the party in their best rockstar outfits, with some dress up articles supplied. The CRASH Birthday Party Package includes:

Birthday party.jpg
  • Bucket decorating. Some art supplies included

  • Short performance by Hilary

  • Drumming activities including boomwhackers, playing along to music, writing a song and teaching the birthday child how to lead the group

  • Perform a concert for the parents at the end of the party

  • Each child will go home with their newly decorated bucket and a pair of sticks (for 20 kids, $10 per kid after 20)

  • Birthday child will get a framed copy of the song that we wrote

 Contact Hilary Whiskin at 905.220.0212 or hilarywhiskin@crashrhythm.ca to book your Birthday Party Package.



Elevate your next Corporate event, sports team or promotional event by hireing CRASH. The Junk Line is a sure way to draw attention to your brand. Click the button to learn more!

Adult Group Classes

One of our motos is that it is never too late to learn an instrument. If you want to learn how to read music, improve your rhythm, work on your improv or just need a creative outlet then CRASH Adult program is for you. No experience necessary, each session is tailored to the members of the group. Adult sessions will feature a percussion performance, a primer in music, songwriting and a lesson in world drums. 

For more information call Hilary at 905.220.0212 or email at hilarywhiskin@crashrhythm.ca.