Select the Workshops for you!

This year CRASH is proud to announce our new workshop menu! With a workshop for every age and ability, it has never been easier to curate a set of programs for your school, community or music group. Simply select 1-5 workshops at a group price to accommodate all of your participants. Workshops do not have to be on the same day and multiple bookings of the same workshop are allowed!

Some workshops have additional costs associated within.

For more information on the each workshop, email Hilary at hilarywhiskin@crashrhythm.ca.

CRASH Bucket Drumming

(All Ages)

The CRASH bucket drumming program is a must for anyone who loves making music! Learn some drumming basics while experiencing what its like to make music in a group. Participants explore musical dynamics, note values and write a song using the CRASH creative writing method.

Drum Circle (All ages)

Hire CRASH to facilitate a drum circle at your next event. Instruments and buckets provided by CRASH are guaranteed to turn your event/festival/classroom into a space of energy and music!


Junk Kit Building (additional fee of $75) (Ages 5-12)

Build your very own Junk Kit with CRASH Rhythm. Participants will get to build a drumset made out of every day objects. After jamming and writing a song participants will take their drumset’s home.

Drumline Master Class

CRASH founder Hilary Whiskin has over 10 years of experience working with drumlines and is ready to share that knowledge with you! This workshop is perfect for those who want to teach their school band, percussion ensemble or drumline the intricacies of rudimental drumming.


CRASH Plus (Ages 13+)

This presentation style workshop is a fantastic way to add supplemental instruction for your music class on the importance of rhythm in their playing. Consider this to be a CRASH Course on reading, comprehending and implementing rhythm and theory into your playing. Perfect for High school bands and music classes!

CRASH Around the World (Ages 10+)

Take a trip around the world through the eyes of percussion. This workshop showcases different types of drums and percussion instruments from Japan, Ireland, West Africa and more.

3…2…1…CRASH! (Ages 8-10)

This workshop assists in the understanding of Math through music! The similarities between fractions and rhythms, number relation and time as well as data collection and grid patterning are explored in this workshop. Music is fun. Math can be as well!

Building Blocks of Rhythm (Ages 8-12)

In this workshop participants learn how LEGO can help them understand rhythms. Using block shapes to understand note duration, participants will have a better understanding of writing, reading and composing rhythms all while playing with their favourite toy!