Welcome to CRASH Rhythm

Welcome to CrashRhythm.ca. This blog will serve as a direct message board for all that is CRASH, including upcoming school programs, relative news and Junk Line performances. 

My name is Hilary and I am the founder of CRASH. My passion has always been to bring music to people in a fun and unconventional way. As a percussionist and performer I have found bucket drumming to be an affordable, versatile, sustainable and an extremely fun way to explore music! I try to avoid giving children an adult approach to music. Instead of heavy repertoire and constant practice we at CRASH believe that improvisation, composition and ensemble work foster creativity and initiate an interest in music at a young age. It is in this method that children find a love for music that can grow. 

I also believe that you are never too old to learn music while also being able to goof off! This is why CRASH also runs adult sessions for those who have always wanted to drum, and may also be a kid at heart!

Please look through this website and find out more about CRASH. If you have any questions or would like to book CRASH for your class, camp or business then email me at hilarywhiskin@crashrhythm.ca. If you love music please join in on the conversation!

Stay tuned for more blogs about CRASH Rhythm's inner workings and mentality.